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If time exists
For no other reason
But to keep everything
From happening
At once
Then love exists
To pick these
That should
Make love
At once
To glue newness
From togetherness
All togetherness
May there be
Less places
In which when two
Make love
Some devil
Is their third
Yet when they kill
That devil
Becomes a god
And more of these
Where gods
Come together
To kiss the devil
So kiss…
More than you can breathe
More than you can touch
More than you can chew
More than you can hear
More than you can sniff
More than you can see
More than you can eat
This is how
We came this far
Go farther
Stay further
Ecstasy is not when
You don’t want it to end
It's when it has to end
For you to think about ends
When there is love
There is no time
When there is time
You don't know love
(Or anything I said)


Your love helps me write something worth reading or do something worth writing. Thanks, L.

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