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'Lo hay' a fire inside me
That sometimes blows and when it does
I cannot but let it consume
All that's around, all that's within
The thing is that I cannot tell
If it is wrong to burn undressed
But, papa, it just feels so right
For all to see, and all to smell!
My flames dance to the winds across…
The more they blow, the more I shine
Nothing can put it off until
I pour it in a shell of art
Sometimes they laugh, most times they sigh
That I should do what others do
That there are rules and older stars
For me to shoot and find my moon?
But I am new and newer now!
The rounder I grow, more they stare
Along my curves, never inside
The belly from bellies we cut
Pa – Rodolphinio – mi amor...
When I wonder what I should do
I give time some time and jump on
Musing how to do is to be!
And I'm shy, with cheeks redder than
That apple that opened your eyes
Only when my flame makes another
Girl or boy spark their own again
You taught me: Give like flowers give
They give their all. In wholes. Not parts.
The colors. The scents. The pollen.
Love. Lots of love. So that we breathe...
They give to all: The (s)hes. The bees.
The birds. The we... Worthy or not.
Unasked. Even the scentless give.
Give to live. To be is to give.
There is a 'nara' inside me
That sometimes blows and when it does
I have a choice. And I "choose yes.
Always yes." - Always. Yes to yes.


Your love helps me write something worth reading or do something worth writing. Thanks, L.

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