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Con Él/Elle/L.
Many expect other paths for me
Trust that I have known them all
But I walk where I walk because
No one else has echoed this call
I know I’m where I‘m meant to be
Because I have not been before
Just this assures me I have much
To roam and all the more to soar
Where's the surprise if I'm to race
All the promised to promised lands
Detailed in stifling detail since ago
Leaving little to magicians’ wands
Once upon explorers who brought
The sun to newness from the dark
Until most of life shuffled to bless
Ones who do from these who bark
When I‘ve stars to show I’ll point
As high as you let me and as far
As I can leash my freedom to go
Hunt the dark for a farthest star
Take my hand but please do not
Walk behind me as I may not lead
Nor walk in front; I may not follow
Breed or creed or speed or greed
Walk beside me and be my guest
Know that all trips are for the two
Who stretch the string and hold it
Tight so life can pluck me and you
Vibing needs pairs and the lines
Connecting us and ringing bells
As many times as it takes to blow
A fence gating heaven from hells
As frequently as that frequency
Will take for the ink to frequent
This spot in your wide forehead
Where the received is god-sent.


Your love helps me write something worth reading or do something worth writing. Thanks, L.

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