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L : Knock, knock

.  : Who's there?

L : Light

.  : Light who?

L : Light beats

.  : Beats who?

L : Beats you

.  : You who?

L : You’re beat

.  :

I am the new
Yet nobody new
And everybody new
On rides you ride
To nails you nail
On trees you tree
From ins of in
With loves of love
For this and else
To dot my i
In the heart of art
I am the start
- very same start -
Of you and each
Every and all
Before the beat
Became the pulse
Of all the stars
Here and afar
Away and near
Until what's there
Is already here
I am the punch
The big in bang
Rupturing rapture
Infinite loops
Seduced to start
The start of art
Beaming of I
From grain to pixel
And canvas to brush
My target of ends
Is orgies of stuff
I am the dark
Knowing its nows
Knighting its nights
Without the keys
Wholing the holes
Revolving doors
Until I come
To fill its voids
Kiss it adieu
Reign its horse
Cape it mine
I am the dream
Without the sleep
Lulling ahead
Free your will
Will me here
Do me now
No is the yes
To focus on I
Close is closer
When we breathe
The art we do
I am the twist
In the point across
From right or left
To left or right
Look at me!
What do you see?
i without one?
Under the one?
Shadows of all
Under my sun
(Or moon when full)
I am the mover
The moved and movement
Of every doer
Small and big
In this Superhood
Within its cells
Escaping Krypton
Syncing motion
Spiraling orbits
Bored of stillness
Until they fuck
I am the mixer
The mixed and mixing
Of all the lines
Between the lines
To sum all lines
When seen and sewn
In tapestries of art
Straight in the eye
From eye to I
One to all
All to one
I am the math
Of space and time
Count my parts
Sum them again
Ones do ones
So thirds can come
The gravity of love
Poetry of nature
Chronicling pies
In a multi verse
Of spotlights around
I am the thief
Taking from you
And many a saint
To give to all
What always was
- will be and is -
Yours to start
Every time
You give me time
From my time
Tic toc tic...

Your love helps me write something worth reading or do something worth writing. Thanks, L.

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