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Space all your pairs and then behold
My sea splitting your boths apart
At times like this, do not resist
The pace of tides trembling to start
I promise none of the evers
That chain this ride, trap its glow
But all the mayhem bound to drive
Boredom away, so life can blow
Cherish the here, indulge this now
A fleeting star, racing to shine
Across all nights, within all (w)holes
More stars alit, yet never mine
By morn I fly, a fainting scent
A sigh or two, maybe a song
Now - in vacuum - sings to honor
A sky of nights, not nights too long
Let your pairs shake lips again
Seal the fumes that sizzle within
Bottle the prey, then pray some more
For darker nights and light to win
Find the light, not on pairs that want
To sway to more loud winds than one
But far deep inside that pumping heart
That pounds for new rays from my sun


Your love helps me write something worth reading or do something worth writing. Thanks, L.

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