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We should tolerate everything except the lack of it.
The only fight worth having is against intolerance.
To be fought gently. No sticks. Just less carrots.
Perhaps it's all about getting to the other side.
Stripping all judgment and opposition until...
... we get there. And discover others in us.
As light floods dark. Sound fills silence.
Like water glues life. Love binds us all.
The unknown becomes more known.
God falls from the sky. Lands here.
They begets we. You become me.
And games cease to find players:
"For, thought is a bird of space
That, in a cage of words, may
Indeed unfold its wings but
cannot fly". Let labels fall.
So fights can miss sides.
And chains lack ground.
Distances need an end.
Ending beyond starts.
Bring yours to mine.
Or just wait on me...
... to get to yours.
Feel your breath.
Size its depth.
To none


Your love helps me write something worth reading or do something worth writing. Thanks, L.

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