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I write because I love
How my verses paint
What I dream of how
I feel when I am love       
I write because a duty
To beauty is my duty    
Of duties to the fire
That burns me alive
I write so I can wash
What can’t be aflame
In poems as an excuse
For my feather to sail
I write so I discover
What I love so I draft
Something I can kiss
Beyond air in my mind
I write because stars
Sing for my butterfly
To swim in the color 
Of a scent too suave
I write off the scraps
Of honey drops with 
No expiration since
Buzzing we are still
I write to make precise
The dreams into birds
That will one day spin 
To music of their own    
I write so that I joke
About pain when I feel
What it means to ache
Of hunger till I steal     
I write because I pray   
In words that dress up
The wonder in tassels
To graduate me again      
I write so that I watch
Light without seeing
What it was that I saw
When all was too dark      
I write so I can sense 
My heaven on a sheet
Dimensional absence   
Of all but the sweet        
I write because I’m lazy
With too much to say
Yet life always seduces
Me away from my pen      
I write because I can
Spin the globe to a still
And let volcanos kiss
To the beat of my will      
I write so I can plan
A new body of work 
And work that body   
To roll off this hinge
I write so I can save
An orgasm for later
Flesh of life to stay
Alive while I decay 
I write so that I commit
Or my heart will drift
If this must end here
All I ask is do the art
I sign with an initial
My very first and least
It just happens to start
Every word that I L.ove:
Life Laughs me to Learn
And draw of what I feeL
Lines by a Letter I Light
With a do(t) at its heeL.

Your love helps me write something worth reading or do something worth writing. Thanks, L.

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