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Thank you. Man-unto-Mom.
I am the perfect son
To the perfect story
Always told. Still undone.
I am the light. Chasing...
What’s lighter than itself
Who’s rounder than herself
Why’s doing... until done
I am the scents of dust
Combed into this saga
Of bows from rays to hums
Braiding love from one sun
I breathe in. Everything.
From bang to big. And back.
I breathe out. Everything.
On bibs of time. And on.
I am little princes
On elephants of stars
Twinkle. Twinkle. Big smile.
The kind in mankind won
I am the lines. Between
The lines. To sum all lines.
When lines make love, I come.
And while they don’t, I’m gone.
I am the pearls of growth
The species of doers
The towering of love
On love. For love. To one.
I am this life, if it
Is truth you seek. But once
Beauty enshrines your quest
Bliss is what I become
I am time. All the time.
From music. To language.
Riding waves. In one sea.
Sun to life. Art to son.
Thank you. Mom-unto-Man.
I am ever thirsty
Wet my wit. Let me drip.
Drop to dot. Till I stun.


Your love helps me write something worth reading or do something worth writing. Thanks, L.

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