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Ma, I only got you
When art got me
I understand now
Prayer is your art
And for art I bow
Ma, I only know if
A given is a giver
When I let them in
Till unconditional
Carves your twin
Ma, I only grow to
Make loves proud
To relate to these
I make; not to me
Honey isn’t bees
Ma, I only make it
When there’s new
Experience loved
Beyond what all
Have so far lived
Ma, I only love you
Because it’s in me
Before I’ve grown
Into the lover of all
Under your throne
Ma, I miss your ma
Farther than time
Can space apart
Smiling crescents
And love to start
Ma, in abundance
Is how I have been
As if I am with you
With little to offer
But love from you
Ma, if I‘m not for me
Who will be for me?
If I am only for me
Then who am I, ma?
Who am I but we
Ma, I love to pray
When I do art, ma
Gratitude in play
Is what I do here
Art is when I pray
Ma, I only get you
When art gets me
To pray to no end
Prayer is your art
Art is why I bend
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Your love helps me write something worth reading or do something worth writing. Thanks, L.

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