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The start...

    Of you. Of each, every, and all.
    The beat. The pulse. The stars afar.
    What is within the in of ins
    Of the above and every art.

The noise...

    The punch. The bang before the big.
    The rupture in rapture of all.
    Infinite loops. Seduced to start.
    The start of art. The art of all.

The here...

    The sun. The grain. The moon (when full).
    The pixel. The brush. The canvas.
    The get in. Get off. (A baby?)
    Get out. Get on. And try again.

The [cell]...

    The breakout. The breakthroughs. To more.
    Eurekas. Apples. Dropped anew.
    The flame. The cake. Cherries on top.
    And - for once - you must eat them all.

The hat...

    The gloves. The rabbits. The magic.
    The light. The strings. The tricks... Ka boom!
    Pipers still plied despite their pipes.
    And piercing astray: Be. Here. Now.

The whys...

    Lose to why nots. Connecting dots.
    While we stare ahead. For a change.
    Defying fashion. Shaping trend.
    Because dots need balls. Dots are balls.

The draft...

    If started. The end. The target.
    Ideas that start do with dots.
    And these that don't remain a dot.
    Atoms aside. Atoms apart.

The ones...

    In periods. The pairs in colons.
    The bullet points. The starts of threes...
    The marks. The questions. Without marks.
    The trails. In snow. In smoke. And stars.

The bees...

    To be or not to be. So what?
    To do is to be. So let's do.
    Some think. Therefore they are. But still.
    We feel. And for that we create.

The we...

    The bedouins. The wanderers.
    The thieves. The takers. The givers.
    The doers. The dots. The dotters.
    Lifestyling love. Lovestyling life.

The moved...

    The movement. But not a movie.
    No screen. No film. Only replay.
    The Superhood. Without Krypton.
    The ouch. The umph. And the "oh wow".

The twist...

    The joke. The jazz. The point across.
    The left. The right. What do you see?
    i without one? Under the one?
    Shadows of all under the sun.

The mute...

    The tulips. The roar. The poem.
    The jockey. The set. The setting.
    The gifted. The gift. The gifter.
    The god. Which God? The one in all.

The walks...

    Of fame. Or shame? To fail. To start.
    All dots. All musts. To walk again.
    Play the art. Live the art. And smile...
    For no sake but the love of art.

The pearls...

    Pre pearling. The butter. When flies.
    Keys. In keyholes. Revolving doors.
    The fire. The lighthouse. The spotlight.
    Beaming at this. Beaming for all.

The oath...

    The stuff. The lines. Straight in the eye.
    The hearts on hearts. Our hearts atop.
    The cycle. The circle. The perfect shape.
    From perfect start. To perfect end.

The birth...

    Of this. Of each, every, and all.
    Dotting Tulum. Because we're here.
    The heart is art. This dot is ours.
    Where is yours? Do it now. Dotheart…

Your love helps me write something worth reading or do something worth writing. Thanks, L.

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