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Once upon a scent that was you
Swelled my lungs and snuck out
To drown the air in whiffs of you
At times I wonder if I stare at you
Focus really hard and really deep
Will wherever I look look like you
Silence haunts with noises of you
Sounds played me until I realized
I yearned for music to silence you
Everyone I ask asks about you
Echoes my questions with sighs
Left by lovers searching for you
A perfect poem I can dress you
Chiseled to size, hued to colors
Of I in eyes that summarize you
When I shut all out so I have you
All to myself to kiss in darkness
I love my breath drooling of you
Please sculpt for me another you
Let my hands feast your face so
Anything I touch may feel like you
Perhaps I must stop so that you
Can cast your grace and fly away
Without a trace but a lull of you
When I want a little more of you
I will drop you on this blank sea
So you come wherever I take you


Your love helps me write something worth reading or do something worth writing. Thanks, L.

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