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Heaven and Hell are not destinations. 
You don't go there. You dive in them. 
Who your (G)OD is doesn’t matter. 
How you love is all that matters. 
Love in spite of. No if. Nor until. 
Don’t love back. Love instead. 
Object omitted. All accepted. 
Subject is implied: I believe. 
Just believe and be loved 
Enough said. Full stop. 
The period. Of many. 
So find your spot. 
Rub it in rhythm. 
Kiss the Genie. 
In this lamp. 
Do it now. 
In here. 
At this 

Is all we 
Love in all 
Sons of suns 
Beyond above. 
Mother Nature is 
More information 
Always in formation. 
She will acknowledge 
Once your doing is done. 
Faith loves senseless love. 
Religion is the storytellings 
Of faith’s times and places. If 
You can’t think about believing 
Without thinking about believing 
In something, then pick something. 
What doesn’t matter. Believing does... 
Once upon a writer. Signing this letter: 

Your love helps me write something worth reading or do something worth writing. Thanks, L.

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