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Back in the day when I couldn’t guess
What color will next embrace your eyes
I loathed to lose what once I borrowed
Lament in sorrow what life denies
But locks and chains are for the fearful
Why claim now what I earned in disguise?
And what value can some labels bring
To he who already sparks your sighs?
Mislabels, though, decry their essence
A diamond will still proudly shine
Whether blessed by your label or not
But dare call it coal and watch it whine
How one can tell black from navy blue
Until too close you bring them and stare
Find the soul of black in a subtle clue
That shows how silly it was to compare
There's always a time in which some think:
“When this story dies, we die along.”
Until comes that day they did not seek
Their story dies, yet they still live on
A hole in your world I may’ve become
To walk around me, design your days
But fall back into me when I come
Like a dream that knocks and never stays
If comes a day I whisper again
Between your lips a tenderest kiss
I'll say: In lust we love what we see
But I lusted what I didn't in this


Your love helps me write something worth reading or do something worth writing. Thanks, L.

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