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Alone... Tonight I write again
Knowing my verses shall defy
What waters keep your eyes from mine
I can’t but wait, while words can fly
To start - to end - I miss you more
And dare the seas to drown these cries
While oceans away from your shore
Tides deliver what space denies
"How are you?" But how - HOW - could I
Lack mi madre yet still admit:
Life goes on and spirits are high
When even sighs cannot but quit?
Parts of me yearn to climb back in
While others race to bring you here
“Where are you?” Lean open again
And watch how far we've spun this sphere
Forgive me, for I must have sinned
Spinning aloud blizzards within
Flaunting to all tresses of god
That strangle light away from grin
Let me kneel, only to seduce
Flashbacks that can come to my aid
A fisherman puts them to use
Hoping it would ache less to wait
Oceans apart yet still I crave
How life whispers at me to soar
Above this peak, beyond that cave
To carve between your heels... my shore


Your love helps me write something worth reading or do something worth writing. Thanks, L.

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