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Together we grow
Sometimes aside
More times apart
Circling the world
Thinking that life
Follows or waits
Until it hits us
Like skies resound
When stars collide
That the only way
To break out is in
To move on is up
To love all is by
Seeing each in you
To find you again
Is to look within
Not there but here
Not then but now
For what am I
But the you in me
What do I know
But all you hummed
Into His ears
Or Hers or life's
To keep me from
A she or he or
Life's craving itself
Love is indeed
The only air
I've seen increase
The more you breathe
Balance is balanced
For all and each
Till your lips let go
Drawing in less
Than winds you roar
Full circle I've come
To lay it all at
The grace of your feet
Who would've known
That returning was
The only way there
That circles are round
But ends don't meet
Till they start… from here.


Your love helps me write something worth reading or do something worth writing. Thanks, L.

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