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I pass by your name
And sigh like a king
Of glories that I
Am still yet to claim
I search in its parts
The low of its start
The high of its end
The lull in its sea
Which part did I miss?
Where else should I stare?
There’s nothing but this:
The vacuum of we
But still I can stare
Like bedouins at stars
And be accused not
Of piercing a name
Funny it is how
A child may be jeered
For pulling her kite
Hauling as it parts
At times it forgets
The higher it flies
The tighter her grip
The louder her call
At times she forgets
No matter how high
A kite levitates
It’s destined to fall
Yet not within reach
But far on the ground
When picked again by
Your very same hand
Now enough of kites
And of whys and names
I am here today
To immortalize you
And do bear in mind
Kings speak not to please
But when stirred enough
To boast or condemn
I hereby declare
This special a day
A blessing to all
A menace to one
For they ask me how
This goddess can be
Superior to all
Parallel to none
Vivid as purple,
Alive as Byblos,
If seen from a cruise
Of haze in the skies
And speaking of slow
Speed up these blinks!
We drool as we miss
The light of your eyes
If one day, my sweet
They question these words
Shy not and yell back:
He said he was King!
I claimed myself such
The instant I climbed
A pedestal to touch
The pride of your lips
You can laugh out loud
In your name while I
Live on apples in
Hearts of él and elle
Your name, words chant
How humbled we are
To undress thy face
With a sinless blush
The color of sin
Is not that of red
But mine as I yearn
For a tint of you.


Your love helps me write something worth reading or do something worth writing. Thanks, L.

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