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Art need not resemble the artist
We reinvent ourselves in our art
Spawn newness in our offspring
Be that biological or be it artistic
Leading lives. Each to their own.
Some evolve. Yet others devolve.
Meet good artists doing ugly art
By the good we mean the kind
Meet artists doing beautiful art
By beautiful we mean the loved
Remember: Art is the only stock
Because love is the only credit
Beauty? A gift. Kindness a choice.
Take no credit for gifts received
Credit is due for choices made
Picasso says: "The meaning of
Life? Find your art. Its purpose?
Give it away." So stop searching.
Start finding. Whatever the gift is.
Deserve all. Ignore time. Happily.
Let go of your all. To blow minds.
Do your art. Do life away with it.

Your love helps me write something worth reading or do something worth writing. Thanks, L.

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